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P-7100 Upgraded Pump Camshaft Reverse Rotation V2.75





The V2.75 REVERSE ROTATION P-7100 pump cam is made in the USA out of 8620 gas carburized steel. This cam is around .016" per degree at maximum velocity. It is an aggressive grind and works great at high rpm, but has a bit more fill time in comparison to the V1 or V3 models. The V1 and V3 have less fill time in attempt to keep the plungers happy by allowing the roller more time to get to base circle which helps keep them alive but gives them less time to fill at higher rpm.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This cam needs to be installed by qualified professionals only. The Reverse Rotation is just Counter Clock Wise, It is used for pumps that run reverse rotation in applications like Case Tractors. When doing a performance pump cam in your P-7100, we recommend to use upgraded pump springs to aid in keeping the roller in contact with the cam at higher rpm.

All of our pump cams are for off-road use only. Buyer accepts all liability for their use. P-pumps in performance applications can occasionally stick the rack, which allows the pump to keep fueling until there is a loss of air via an air-shutoff, until the mechanical limits of the motor are reached, or you run out of road.  Installation needs to be handled by an experienced pump builder with the proper tools and test equipment.

Rule of thumb for where to set LPC or lift port closure.

  • 0-14mm of maximum rack travel (2.6  and 3.0 puller etc) LPC 4.75mm

  • 14mm-16mm of rack travel  LPC 4.5mm


  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Condition: New
  • Not For Sale In California

    CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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