• Reliability
  • More Power
  • Lower EGT’s
  • Less Smoke
  • Better Mileage
  • Smooth & Quiet Idle

Dynomite Diesel builds the best performance injectors available. At Dynomite Diesel, we are constantly testing new products to give our customers the best driving experience possible. With our dyno, just a short walk from our injector shop, adjustments can be made frequently so you get the best product possible. The R&D never stops!!!

DDP Injectors are balanced tighter than any other company in the industry. With less than 2% variance across the set, you can rest easy knowing that you've purchased something reliable that adds power, you can be confident that DDP Injectors are the proven choice.

Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) is a process in which an electrically charged wire burns a hole through metal. Nearly all OEM nozzles are manufactured using an EDM process. From the factory they are manufactured on a very advanced machine that controls the angle and speed of the wire insertion. The angle of insertion must be measured and implemented VERY accurately or the spay angle will be changed, resulting in possible engine damage.

When the OEM manufacturer changes the speed of insertion, they can achieve a cone-shaped hole that will improve atomization. EDM’s that are used in the aftermarket are usually decommissioned medical instruments that do not have the ability to control either angle or speed precisely enough to create a quality product. When a nozzle is manufactured by the OEM supplier not only do they EDM but they follow that up with a process called Abrasive Flow Machining which cleans up any imperfections, removes burn residue, and balances out the nozzle flow.

When our competition uses an aftermarket EDM machine, they do not use AFM to balance out the flow of the nozzle or clean up any imperfections. DDP Injectors use Hone technology. We start with an OEM nozzle or nozzle that's been specifically machined for us with the desired spray angle. Then we go through and finish hone them to remove imperfections, polish the inside of the nozzle, and radius the inside of the holes where the fuel flows through. This leads to better atomization, which provides less smoke, less heat, more power, and improved fuel economy compared to our competition's same sized nozzle. Adding volume without helping atomization only adds heat and smoke, which means less useable power.

DDP Hones each nozzle separately and balances their flow to better than factory specs to create a smooth idle, and smoother running truck throughout the RPM range. Stock injector nozzles from the OEM manufacturers are usually within 2 to 3 liters per minute on a flow test machine. When any set of nozzles leaves DDP, there will be no greater than a 1 liter per minute variance from the highest flowing to the lowest.

Very few dealership techs are able to detect DDP honed Injectors or nozzles. In comparison, almost all tuners will leave codes or traces of their install within your ECM that indicate they were installed past presence, leaving you without a warranty.

All trucks that receive injectors should have at minimum, a pyrometer installed to monitor exhaust gas temperature.

DDP can hone custom nozzles for “Race Only” applications, or a custom horsepower. Please contact one of our sales representitives directly for further details.

Please refer to our warranty page here

Drive pressure is the amount of back-pressure measured in PSI between the exhaust valves and the turbine wheel on the turbo. Boost is the amount of pressure between the intake valves and the compressor wheel. If the drive pressure is higher than the boost, you have what is called a negative delta. Having a negative delta can ruin head gaskets and other engine components, as well as actually slow you down in the upper RPM’s. If the drive pressure is higher than the boost pressure, a smaller amount of fuel, or a larger amount of air is needed.