James Weaver | Google Reviews

These guys are awesome to deal with, a wealth of knowledge and fairly priced. Utilizing their services makes it easy to provide my customers with what it takes to do the job right!

Jesse Barker | Google Reviews

Awesome group of guys, very professional, and excellent performance products. These guys rock!

Lyle Richmond | Google Reviews

Best injectors in the industry for your diesel pickup truck!

Kelly E. | Yelp Reviews

Where to start with DDP.... Google "diesel performance injectors" and DDP will be the first thing that pops up, for a reason. With 100's of 1000's of dollars worth of equipment, and over a decade of R and D, and one of the most amazing shops I've ever seen. Stack all that on top of an owner that will go out of his way when the shop is closed to help out a customer makes this THE diesel repair/performance shop on the west coast. If you own a Duramax, Powerstroke, Cummins, CAT, or Detroit powered pickup or RV, and you're not taking it to DDP, you're doing it wrong.

Jared Szakacs | Facebook Reviews

These guys go above and beyond to make sure you have the best product on the market and to make sure you are 100% satisfied! We love using DDP at our Shop!

Brent Willsey | Facebook Reviews

Where do I start! First off let me say that Lenny and his crew are top notch bad ass guys!! On top of that they build the best injectors money can buy! We love it when our customers are happy and Dynomite diesel makes that easy to do when it comes to the fuel department! Thank you for the great work and outstanding parts and service!

Michael Woodward | Facebook Reviews

Hands down the best I’ve dealt with. I ordered Reman injectors from another company and learned my lesson the hard way, Brian’s knowledge and help was incredible. He walked me through what to and what not to get, got my ordered processed and shipped out, from the last phone till the install everything was first class. Injectors came protected, bubble wrapped, plastic sleeves to protect everything. Being my first injector Install on a Cummins, there step by step instructions was AWESOME. THANK YOU DDP and Brian.

Jason Osborn | Facebook Reviews

Great service and even better product! I have used these folks since the beginning.

Chris Diseth | Facebook Reviews

Great shop. Thanks for the work today.

Scott Lindsey | Facebook Reviews

Great products. Keep up the good work!

Dustin Gullett | Facebook Reviews

Great company to deal with

Joseph Higuera Sr. | Facebook Reviews

I Wouldn’t run nothing else

Tyler Mize | Facebook Reviews

GREAT Service.....

Jamie O Regalado | Facebook Reviews

Best injectors on the market. Not to mention the great service and support. Thanks

Drew Armitage | Facebook Reviews

These guys really go above and beyond for their customers, great products and great customer service. I will always go back to them before I go anywhere else!

John Dircksen | Facebook Reviews

I been running ddp injector on my truck running great and power. Those are best company!!!

Ryan Albert | Facebook Reviews

Great customer service, I couldn’t have gotten any better service. Brian was awesome to deal with, thanks again for your time and your services, looking forward to doing business with you guys in the future!

Payton Christensen | Facebook Reviews

Put a set of 75hp injectors in a 01 24v Cummins. The truck has 223,000 miles of the original ones. Awesome, actually is quieter, idles better, and now has more giddy up. Order on Friday, received on Tuesday, installed that evening. Worth the $.

Payton Christensen | Facebook Reviews

I've been going to Dynomite Diesel for over 5 years and they have proven to be the best around! Rock on Dynomite!!!

Paul Stewart | Facebook Reviews

Super Mental injectors are performing great, customer service is always top notch from Brian and Lenny

Cameron Groat | Facebook Reviews

I purchased a set of injector nozzles for my powerstroke and it made a huge difference. Excellent product and this company has incredible customer service. Definitely recommending DDP to all my diesel buddies

Clint Umphlett | Facebook Reviews

Best costumer service Ive had anywhere. Very helpful and great product. Would recommend to anyone.

Jeff Amman | Facebook Reviews

Thank you Brian and everyone at Dynomite Diesel Products you guys have the best customer service and you are very professional and brian thank you for getting me the right injectors for my 99 24v

Jason Holeman | Facebook Reviews

Great place! Highly recommend going here. They did my injectors and I gained hp plus gained on my mpg.

Donald Olson | Facebook Reviews

Dynomite diesel installed their 50 hp injector set on my 05 dodge cummins, and the difference was immediately noticeable. It's like a whole new truck.

Cameron Benitz | Facebook Reviews

Awesome company with great support with 100% quality products

Tim Broadbent | Facebook Reviews

Amazing owner, staff and products. Lenny and his guys make amazing products/race trucks

Keenan Engel | Facebook Reviews

Well trained workers. Very respectable personnel.