Common Rail Injector Testing and Inspection
Common Rail Injector Testing and Inspection

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Common Rail Injector Testing and Inspection

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Visual Inspections - Starting at $100 per set of injectors, and includes the following:

  • External Cleaning of the Injector Body
  • Solenoid Resistance Check, or Piezo Stack Test
  • Visual Inspection of the Control Valve ball seat for wear and/or Contamination.
  • Phone Call and/or E-mail with findings, and photos if applicable. At this time, YOU MUST AUTHORIZE us to continue to Step-2 of the process.

NOTE: If injectors are found to be unusable, during this step, and you purchase a replacement set through us the visual inspection fee will be waived.

Once authorization is received, and the injectors are suitable to run in our test stands, they will move to Step-2 of our Testing and Inspection Process.

Pricing is $125 per Injector, and the steps are as follows:

  • Complete tear down, of all internal parts, and seals removed.
  • 3-Step Ultrasonic cleaning process of all parts, and drying of all components.
  • Reassembly, with new seals, and run in a test stand with a flow sheet printout.

Visual Inspection fees are included into the Step-2 pricing and are not in addition to the $125 cost per injector. Any parts needed for repairs, or replacement, will be an additional fee and are not included in the testing price.

Dealers will receive their pricing on hard parts ONLY.

  • MUST fill out Injector Testing Form HERE and include with your injectors when being sent in.
  • Testing is completed on a first come first serve basis, unless it is a potential warranty concern.
  • Visual Inspection price is per injector set.
  • Step-2 Pricing is per single injector.
  • Not for sale in California

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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